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Better Education for Boys and Young Men in Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls

Better Education for Boys and Young Men in Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls

Wednesday 2 February 2022, 4pm – 5.30pm

To register: https://lsbu-better-education-boys-young-men.eventbrite.co.uk

Don't walk around on your own at night. Carry a rape alarm. Flag down a bus. Ask to see a police officer's badge. Report areas where you feel unsafe. This is just some of the advice given to women to address the issue of women's safety - and very recently, by the Government in direct response the murders of Sarah Everard & Sabina Nessi.

However, there is a justified demand to stop placing the onus on women to protect themselves against harassment, misogyny and violence. Tackling male violence against women needs to focus on the origin - men. Needless to say, it's not all men but it is predominantly men nevertheless.

Better education for boys and young men is an area that many groups - academics, policy makers, activists, campaigners, charities and many more - believe would be an effective way to address misogyny & help to curb the rise in male violence towards women and girls.

London South Bank University has brought together several academics and researchers, from LSBU and beyond, who are working tirelessly to address this issue including Professor Nicole Westmarland and Dr Stephen Burrell who will cover a lot of their research and also discuss their recently published book ‘Men’s Activism to End Violence Against Women’ . They are also delighted to be joined by School of Sexuality Education for a spotlight talk on the work they're doing to education young people about relationships, consent, sexuality, body image and more – a great example of what better education for boys and young men looks like in action!

The speakers will explore how society - parents, family, teachers and educators, peers, etc - can be part of this fundamental attitude shift as to where the responsibility lies in ensuring the safety, physical and mental wellbeing and lives of women and girls.

This event is for everyone - parents & families, teachers and educators, community groups and youth workers, etc... Join in to be part of this crucial conversation and please share with anyone you feel might be interested in attending. All are welcome and we all have a role to play in ending violence against women and girls.


Posted on Monday 24th January 2022