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Partnership - Rhondda Cynon Taf, Merthyr Tydfil & Bridgend

CTMSB's response regarding Logan Mwangi (updated 25.04.22)

Members of the Cwm Taf Morgannwg Safeguarding Board wish to express their condolences to the friends and family of Logan who have been affected by his tragic death.

Now that those responsible for Logan’s death have been brought to justice, the Safeguarding Board will continue with the Child Practice Review, which will be carried out in accordance with the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 “Working Together to Safeguard People” Volume 2.

This Child Practice Review is not part of the criminal/investigatory process, it aims to examine agencies’ involvement with Logan and his family to identify what lessons can be learnt for the future

The process for undertaking a Child Practice Review involves setting up a Panel of senior managers from all agencies that were involved with the child and the family. The Board will appoint an independent Chair from outside of the CTM region who will be supported by  two independent reviewers. Agencies sitting on the Panel will gather information on their involvement with the child and family, in order to develop a timeline of significant events that took place prior to the tragic incident.

This information is presented to a multi-agency learning event, attended by practitioners who had direct involvement with the child and the family so that they can share their understanding of what has happened and identify key learning points.

The Panel is also required to seek opportunities to engage with the family, where appropriate, to support with this learning, so that the child is central to the whole process.

Following the learning event, the independent reviewers of the case will collate and analyse all the information gathered to complete a report, highlighting the learning from the case, any areas of good practice and recommendations to improve future safeguarding practice.

The report will then be presented to the Regional Safeguarding Board for scrutiny and approval, before being submitted to the Welsh Government for final endorsement. It is vitally important that the CPR is undertaken thoroughly. This can typically take approximately 6 months to complete, however timescales will depend on many factors including the complexity of the individual case, the extent of the investigations and engagement with partners that are required and the necessity of the panel to fully consider in detail all of the evidence in respect of the circumstances leading up to the tragic incident.

The Safeguarding Board will of course do everything it can to compete the review at the earliest opportunity, but we anticipate that the earliest this will be possible will be in the autumn of 2022.

Posted on Monday 25th April 2022