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Ukraine: Safeguarding and Modern Slavery

The following information has been issued by Welsh Government: 

In respect of the Ukraine response work, please see details below for a reporting process in respect of serious and urgent safeguarding concerns and requests for more general advice about safeguarding and modern slavery. 

As we work together to support the humanitarian response to Ukraine, we know that local authorities and other partners are dealing with new situations and challenges.

We have established a designated inbox to take queries on:

  • Safeguarding checks including DBS.
  • Homes for Ukraine: Safeguarding and Modern Slavery guidance clarification on advice.
  • Advice on responding to safeguarding and modern slavery concerns.

Please also use this email address to let us know about any emerging safeguarding or modern slavery issues in your area.

For urgent safeguarding and modern slavery concerns: 

  • where a person(s) from Ukraine is assessed to be at risk of immediate harm from a potential host sponsor and a Border Force intervention is required or
  • where an unaccompanied child(ren) has been identified.

Local authorities can log issues via Jira. Local authorities will need to select the area where they require support and be linked through to a Jira Registration page to log their issue. Users will only need to register once. Each case requires a unique Jira ticket. 

Local authorities can log in using this link: https://digital.dclg.gov.uk/jira/servicedesk/customer/portal/11 

Alternatively, call the Telephone Desk: 0303 444 4445

Opening Hours: 9am - 6pm: Monday - Friday (except Bank Holidays)

On resolution of your issue, please report a summary of it and the outcome to the Welsh Government mailbox below.


Please note that the information outlined above does not replace the existing processes for reporting safeguarding or concerns regarding anyone arriving in Wales from Ukraine.  Local Authorities must adhere to the Wales Safeguarding Procedures and follow the normal process for reporting safeguarding concerns. All safeguarding concerns must continue to be reported as normal. 

Reporting suspected abuse, harm or neglect (safeguarding) | GOV.WALES

Homes for Ukraine: safeguarding and modern slavery guidance | GOV.WALES

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